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Handwriting Program

For Ages: 3-9

Class Schedule:

  • Tuesday – Wednesday * 2:30-5:00PM
  • Thursday – Friday* 2:30-6:30PM
  • Saturday – Sunday* 10-2:30PM

Key Benefits:

  • Develop Good Study Habits
  • Improve Motor Skills
  • Improve Writing Neatness
  • Develop Concentration

Children will attend class once a week for 1 hour.

HandwritingOur easy-to-learn curriculum makes handwriting mastery joyful for students.

Research supports the active teaching of handwriting. Recent findings demonstrate that writing by hand improves creative writing skills and fine motor skills. In fact, elementary students have been found to write more and faster by hand than when keyboarding.

And with the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, the emphasis and expectations placed on classroom note-taking and expository writing in grades Pre K –5 are greater than ever.