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JEI Math

Math can be one of the most difficulFTK Math English 02t subjects students must learn. Concepts continuously build upon one another and new skills must constantly be integrated. JEI Math helps students build a mathematical foundation and complement their weak areas. Students can re-integrate their previously learned skills with new Math skills which create overall learning hierarchy in Math. JEI has more than 357 workbooks that are divided into 13 levels and have 2,107 specific learning objectives.We cover from basic concepts such as Numbers to more sophisticated concepts such as Algebra and Geometry.

Any student from Pre-K to 9th grade will find JEI Math challenging and interesting. After students take diagnostic tests to determine their levels and an individualized study program will be scheduled for each student.

All learning goals and concepts are laid out in a simple, straightforward format with detailed illustrations and graphs.


JEI English

FTK Math English 03Although English is the most well-known international language in the world, many students find it difficult to learn English due to its irregularity and diversity.

JEI English can help students master both conversational and formal English through its unique Self-Learning program. We provide workbooks broken down into 10 levels in 198 weekly workbooks for Pre-K to 9th graders.

JEI English covers mechanics of the language such as phonics, vocabulary and grammar, as well as reading and writing comprehension using creative and colorful illustrations, puzzles, and games.

JEI English also emphasizes analytical and critical thinking skills.

There are passages on a wide range of subjects, with questions to test and improve reading comprehension.