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Pre-School Alternative Program

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Building core concepts skills at a young age is essential to realize lasting benefits for your child.  With studies showing that about one third of children’s intellectual skills will be developed by age six, it is important to increase your child’s exposure to a variety of learning experiences at an earliest possible age to fully take advantage of the opportunity to excel in school and in life.

We believe that play is essential for a child.  However, learning trough play or as we call it “Learning Cleverly Disguised as Fun” will ensure your child has the tools he/she needs to be successful in the classroom.

What makes FasTracKids program unique?

  • STE(A)M Focused
  • Play-Based: We believe that at learning should be cleverly disguised as fun
  • Focus on academic enrichment: Our program is a great fit for gifted children that need more individualized attention to hone their abilities
  • “Handwriting Without Tears”, multi-sensory curriculum designed to develop early writing skills
  • FasTracKids Certified Teachers: Our staff of teachers have extensive teaching and educational background to help insure the success of child when it comes to learning development.
  • Small class size: 5:1 ratio maximum!
  • Visible improvement: Track your child’s progress right before your eyes! Our parents’ waiting areas are equipped with TVs that have live video feed from the classroom cameras.  In addition, after each class, the teacher will verbally update you on your child’s progress.
  • Academic rigor: Develops foundational skills that pertain to the OLSAT/NNAT, Stanford-Binet, or ERB admissions exams. Develops early reading/writing and math skills.
  • Technology Integrated: Interactive touch-screen Smartboard Technology
  • “Zig-zagging”: teaching method to accommodate different learning styles
  • Theme-Based: Unique monthly study subjects for well-rounded education, including Math, Reading & Writing skill development.

FasTrackids Discoverers/Explorers program is a highly acclaimed Multi-Day Adventure for children ages 2.5 – 5. This innovative program is designed specifically for children who are ready to take the next step in the learning process that fosters a combination of critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, public speaking skills along with achievement driven academic program consisting of Math, Reading and Writing. This is the only program that’s been independently researched by a prestigious college with the spectacular results that show achievement development of 150% – 200% higher than children who did not participate in the program.



FasTrackids Discoverers/Explorers program not only provides a more seamless and easier transition into a school environment, but also helps children excel academically through the love of learning created as a result of a unique learning environment that’s both fun and supports an advance results-based combination of curriculum.

Why is FasTrackids Discoverers/Explorers different than other preschools?
Unlike other preschool programs which are primarily play based; our preschoolers have exposure to learning through our SmartBoards and a unique combination of Math and literacy development skills. Each 2.5 hour class also features a music and movement segment. Best of all, you can choose to enroll 2 or 3 mornings a week! We offer rolling The little boy is using the smart board to learn about the world.admissions so call us today to learn more!

Leading edge technology sets apart FasTrackids from other enrichment programs. Our FasTrackids Discoverers utilizes the Learning Station Smart Board for knowledge enrichment. We also focus on developing communication skills and videotape segments of each class to help children overcome shyness and to communicate their ideas more clearly. Our curriculum covers a wide range of humanity and science based topics, from Astronomy and Economics to Creativity and Biology!!!!

The music and movement portion of our FasTrackids Discoverers classes combine a carefully planned curriculum with group activities to foster self-esteem & develop social skills for all students.

Independent research has shown that children enrolled in FasTracKids improve their expressive and receptive vocabularies 100-150% faster than their peers! These verbal skills are the most important measure in the ERB test for the NYC independent schools.

FasTrackids Math and Literacy Curriculum

This portion of Discoverers focuses on phonics & numbers. By introducing a letter of the day that ties together with our academic lesson, children explore the phonics of the letter throughout the class and apply the speech sounds of the letter to other words they know. Identifying, counting and exploring numbers is also incorporated into each class.

Class Schedule – Parents now have greater choices of classes in terms of a combination of days: 2 or 3 or  days per week over a period of either 5 or 10 months.


Morning Classes from 10AM-12:30PM on the following days.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday